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Middleweight Traditional Martial Arts Karate Uniform by Century


Complete Middleweight Traditional Martial Arts Karate Uniform by Century
Complete Middleweight Traditional Uniform.
Century Complete Middleweight Drawstring Martial Arts Karate Uniform size 0-8 polyester cotton

Complete Middleweight Traditional Uniform.


Blend of polyester and cotton twill to reduce wrinkling after washing.


The jacket is cut generously through the shoulders and chest.  This gives a greater range of movement.


Inside ties keep the jacket securely closed.


The traditional pants have a 1-1/2" waist with a traditional drawstring and a gusseted crotch for those deep stances. The pants contain no elastic.


Comes compete with a white rank belt.


Available in sizes 0-8.

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List Price: $54.99

Our Price: $39.99


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