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How We Got Started

I started this company in December of 1999 by accident.  I posted a uniform on EBay and I had some EBay customers request different sizes then what I had listed. At the time I had been a Martial Arts instructor for over 25 years and I had the ability to get any size someone wanted.  I posted the items and people kept requesting more.  I realized that it would be cheaper to just slap together a small web site selling a few items.  Request kept coming in for other items and the next thing I knew I had over 14,000 sku's listed.

 I still teach Martial Arts in my school in Irving,TX. and everyone that works for my company is a Martial Artist, including the webmaster.   That make sure that we understand your needs.  
Please call us if you have any questions about a product.  866-550-kick or 972-600-8200

James Holan