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Century Double Wrap Elite 2 inch Black Belt - E3

Century Double Wrap Elite 2 inch Black Belt - E3



 2 inch Black Belt

Made of premium, ultra-smooth brushed cotton, this double-wrap belt has a heavy, 0.25" cotton webbing core that's designed to break in over time. Featuring 11 rows of precise stitching.

This belt is made to honor the dedication of the black belt achievement. Width: 2"



Sizes 2-8

Item # :  c01115

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Belt size in inches

SZ 0---80"

SZ 1---82"

SZ 2---88"

SZ 3---96"

SZ 4---104"

SZ 5---112"

SZ 6---120"

SZ 7---130"

SZ 8---140"

SZ 9---150"


Martial Arts Belts might are one of the most important parts of training in the Martial Arts, they show your status as well as your pride at being a Martial Artist. We provide a variety of different types of belts for all belt ranking systems, whether you are a Kung Fu artist and wear Kung Fu Sashes, a Black Belt in need of a Custom Belt, or a colored belt in need of a Solid Belt, a Stripped Belt, or a Camo Belt. For those systems that prefer to stripe instead of hand out belts we provide Rank Stripes that simply iron on to any belt. We also have Martial Arts Rank certificates for belt ceremonies as well as Karate Belt Display Racks. Please explore our large collection of belts and then further explore other areas of our site such as our Karate Accessory or Martial Arts Apparel sections. is your source for Karate Supplies, Martial Arts Equipment & Kung Fu Supplies

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