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Combat Sambo with Master Tony Lopez Series Titles DVD

Combat Sambo with Master Tony Lopez Series Titles

Combat Sambo with Master Tony Lopez Series Titles DVD

Eleven titles to choose from. Available only on DVD.


Volume 1: Total Body Workout Routine Teaches the complete fitness routine used by the World's toughest sambo fighters. Each exercise is designed to build ultimate speed, power, agility, flexibility, reflexes, strength, balance, coordination, stamina and more. Approx. 60 min. #SAMBOD-001
Volume 2: Blocking and Striking Techniques Learn the lethal hand and foot strikes of Sambo in conjunction with it's unique blocking techniques which are taught standing and when on the ground. Greatly increase self defense knowledge! Approx. 48 min. #SAMBOD-002
Volume 3: Leg, Ankle and Foot Locks Shows how to quickly go for the legs to apply excruciating joint locks. Also teaches the secret escapes and counter from these locks. Approx. 60 min. #SAMBOD-003
Volume 4: Armbar and Wrist Locks Shows numerous armbar and wrist lock techniques designed to control and destroy an opponent. Learn how to easily sucker an attacker into an armbar for a quick victory, regardless of size. Also teaches the secret escape and counters to these armbar and wrist techniques. Approx. 60 min. #SAMBOD-004
Volume 5: Leg Lock and Arm Lock Fighting Combinations Shows how to combine the leg lock techniques on Volume 3 with the arm locks on Volume 4 to create the most destructive grappling combinations ever witnessed. Learn how to completely dominate and control an opponent while learning to move from leg locks to arm locks and arm locks to leg locks with blinding speed. Also features many advanced techniques not shown on Volume 3 and Volume 4. Approx. 44 min. #SAMBOD-005
Volume 6: Chokes, Headlocks and Neck Cranks Easily take out the biggest and most aggressive opponent with these lethal sambo techniques. Shows how to quickly move inside an opponents attack to finish him with a choke, headlock or neck crank. Also shows the secret escapes from these deadly techniques. Approx. 54 min. #SAMBOD-006
Volume 7: Throws, Sweeps and Takedowns Instantly send an attacker to the ground with the sensational throws, sweeps and take down techniques Russian sambo is famous for. Regardless of how or what direction an opponent attacks from, he can be taken to the ground with the techniques and strategies presented on this video. Also shows the secret counter moves and escapes against these techniques. Approx. 60 min. #SAMBOD-007
Volume 8: Street Self Defense This dynamic video shows how combat sambo is used to defend and counter against the most common street attacks including; punches, kicks, lapel holds, collar and wrist grabs, bear hugs, head locks, full nelson, ground fighting, and more. Also shows how to disarm a gun, knife, or club wielding attacker. This video is a must for all Martial Artists! Approx. 60 min. #SAMBOD-008
Volume 9: Street Fighting Dirty Tricks A nasty video that shows how to win a life or death street fight. The secret combat sambo techniques shown in this video are the deadliest of the deadly when it comes to street survival. Approx. 48 min. #SAMBOD-009
Volume 10: Defensive Ground Fighting This video shows how to own the ground. Includes never before seen techniques designed to defeat the best wrestlers, judo and Brazilian fighters! Teaches how to defend, escape, counter and apply reversals against an opponents attacks. Includes techniques for quickly defeating the Brazilian guard and much more. Approx. 53 min. #SAMBOD-010
Volume 11: Offensive Ground Fighting This important video shows how to dominate an opponent on the ground with superior combat sambo grappling techniques. It's all here including: guard and mount positions, reversals, arm

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