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Complete Shotokan Karate – full karate training series (8 DVDs)

Complete Shotokan Karate – full karate training series (8 DVDs)

Starring Jon Hodge


COMPLETE SHOTOKAN KARATE is a comprehensive training series which covers all techniques, katas, one steps, and self defense from white to black belt in this ancient art. Each and every technique is demonstrated from multiple angles, explained in detailed, and taught with follow-along instruction. Whether you are a white belt getting started in your training, or an experienced student, you will benefit from Master Hodge’s dynamic instruction and guidance. Here is what you will learn:

All 9 Belt Levels - White, Yellow, Green, Green Stripe, Blue, Blue Stripe, Brown, Brown Stripe, and Red Belt Levels. All traditional requirements are well instructed, with multiple angles, and an easy to use set of menus and indexes.

Over 80 Techniques - At each belt level, you will learn the stances (dachi), hand (zuki), blocking (uke), and kicking (geri) techniques.

Kumite/Self Defense - Progress from basic to black belt level one step self defense; to build up reactions and understand sparring dynamics. Includes a set of realistic self defense scenarios. 

12 Traditional Katas - The backbone of Shotokan. Learn each kata with detailed instruction, follow-along, and special angles at your speed.

Unparalleled Instruction - Every technique is demonstrated at full and slow speed, from multiple angles, with a detailed explanation, and even a follow along section. These DVDs are designed to teach you at a deep level, as if you were in a class

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Included Shotokan Karate – full karate training series (8 DVDs)