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Dr. Jerry Beasley's JKD Scientific Street Fighting Series Titles

Dr. Jerry Beasley's JKD Scientific Street Fighting Training DVD Series Titles

Dr. Jerry Beasley's JKD Scientific Street Fighting Series Titles

Dr. Jerry Beasley teaches the fundamental skills of this exciting martial art. The following videos include the principles and strategies of trapping and full contact fighting.
Five volume titles to choose from. Available only on DVD. **

Volume 1: Fundamental JKD Combat Skills The fundamental skills of kicking and punching and the principles of independent motion and nontelegraphic technique are covered in detail in this volume. Approx. 84 min. # DRBD-001
Volume 2: Fundamental JKD Combat Strategies In this volume, Dr. Beasley examines the skills for mobility, the straight blast and the five ways of attack. He demonstrates how to introduce the attribute of deceptiveness to any JKD arsenal. Approx. 78 min. #DRBD-002
Volume 3: JKD Hand Immobilazation Attacks (HIA) This volume examines the principle of trapping. First we familiarize ourselves with the weapons of trapping range, classical trapping (Wing Chun style), alternative trapping methods and boxing style immobilization. The concept of trapboxing is then introduced by demonstrating that trapping may assume all forms that work. Approx. 78 min. #DRBD-003
Volume 4: Full Contact Fighting Jun Fan Style Volume 1 The original full contact fighting method of Jeet Kune Do including the principles of evade, block, destroy, redirect and intercept and how they are applied in full contact fighting are demonstrated. Levels of progression from technique drills to level five contact fighting are introduced. Approx. 73 min. #DRBD-004
Volume 5: Full Contact Fighting Jun Fan Style Volume 2 Full contact principles of slip, jab and weave are introduced. Levels six through nine sparring methods are demonstrated. This volume, along with Volume 4: Full Contact Fighting Jun Fan Style Volume 1, includes requirements for testing and certification in Jeet Kune Do and Jun Fan Kickboxing. Approx. 74 min. #DRBD-005

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