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5 Piece Macho Dyna Sparring Gear Set

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Note to shoppers.  Yes there are cheaper prices out there.  I have seen them.  I bought a set from one of my competitors just so I could check it out.  It wasn't a brand that I have ever heard of.  I won't mention the name because I don't want to get into trouble.  It looks good but the foam feels soft and squishy like a sponge.  I am trying to keep my prices low and offering only top brands at low prices.  I don't even sell the knock off brands. Remember, you get what you pay for at most places but these brands below have a long history of providing great products. 

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James Holan

Set includes Kicks, Punches and Head Gear.

Dyna HeadMacho Dyna  Headgear

Made of high quality 3/4" foam. Features ear-release canals.  White, Red or Black and now Pink. Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Wearing a mouthguard is recommended when using this equipment and is required for most tournaments. 

Dyna PunchMacho Dyna Punch

Patented finger grip design. Contoured double foam padding over the knuckles. Vinyl strap across the palm for tighter grip.  Colors: White, Red or Black and now Pink. Sizes Child S, M, L, Adult S, M, L, XL.


Dyna KickMacho Dyna Kick

Patented laceless design. Stable criss-cross strapping. Radial reinforcements at stress points. Vinyl strips on the bottom for secure fit.  Colors: White, Red or Black and now Pink. Sizes Child S, M, L, Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Sizing Chart

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List Price: $105.97

Our Price: $51.99

**Shin Guard does not come in Pink Child Size. A Small will be sent in its place**


Note: Pink Gear does not come in XL

Sizing Chart

Macho Dyna Shin and Forearm Guards
Shin/Forearm Guard
Macho Dyna Rival Face Shield
Face Shield
9 Piece Sparring  Gear  Set including Face Shield
9 Piece Sparring  Gear  Set including Face Shield
 Sale $124.99






















arring Gear Set

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