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ProForce® Expandable Backpacks - Tang Soo Do


ProForce® Expandable Backpacks - Tang Soo Do
ProForce® Expandable Backpacks - TSD

  • This polyester team twill backpack include expandable zippered side panel to increase the inside compartment size.
  • Padded quilted backing and padded adjustable straps for added comfort.
  • Inside compartment features nylon duffel-style drawstring opening.
  • Large front zippered pocket and additional zippered pocket on front flap.
  • Screen printed design on front flap.
  • Measures 12" long x 16" high x 5" deep, expands to 10" deep

Price: $34.95 Ea.
Item #: 1565



We sell quality Martial Arts gear bags as well as weapons bags, duffle and tournament bags. You will also find backpacks and Karate bags to carry all of your Karate supplies. Our gear bags are an excellent way to carry around your Martial Arts supplies such as uniforms, shoes, sparring gear, as well as other equipment. These bags have several different compartments to assist you in keeping your Martial Arts supplies organized and zipper pockets to keep even your smaller Martial Arts gear secure. Browse our selection to view the different styles and sizes to best keep your Martial Arts shoes, uniforms, sparring gear or other Karate supplies organized.