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Fuji All Purpose Single Weave Judo Gi - Blue

Fuji All Purpose Single Weave Judo Gi - Blue

Fuji All Purpose Single Weave Judo Gi - Blue

bulletSingle weave construction
bulletJudo construction and sizing
bulletSuitable for most grapple arts
bulletIncludes jacket, pants, and white belt (no color substitutions)

Reliable gi that is suitable for anyone in a grappling art, including judo, jujitsu, and aikido.

100% soft bleach cotton is used throughout the gi and utilizes tightly woven patterns to resist tug and pull damage. Reinforced stitching provides ample support at the various gi stress points so as to add longevity to the uniform. The single weave makes this a well balanced and comfortable addition to your collection.


Sizing Chart

Sizes 0000 - 7


Availability:  Ships in 4-5 days

Our Price: $45.00-$72.00

Qty Size Price

  This is just a guideline. We always recommend you ask your instructor about sizes.

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