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DVD: Master the Cane Training DVD by Dr Ted Gambordella

DVD: Master the Cane Training DVD

Featuring Grandmaster Ted Gambordella.

DVD: Master the Cane Training DVD by Dr Ted Gambordella

The cane is the only legal carry self defense weapon. You can walk on an airplane with a cane, or into a ballpark, even a school. Yet this unassuming stick is really a deadly weapon when used correctly.

I will show you beginning and advanced techniques using the cane that will take you from a novice to a master of the cane.

The cane is so easy to use, yet so deadly when used right. You won't believe how easy you can learn cane techniques that will stop anyone of any size or aggressiveness. Young or old, it doesn't matter the cane will stop them.

You will be amazed at the amount of information found in this DVD.

You will learn:
- Blocks
- Stances
- Attacks
- Counters
- Defenses
- Spins
- Locks

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