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Sabre™ Super Tear Gas Key Ring

Sabre™ Super Tear Gas Key Ring


Defend yourself in a situation with this red pepper spray and gas all in one convenient keychain. Its fast, simple and easy to use. Instructions on reverse of package. Easily carried in a pocket or purse. Weapon fires approx. 30 stream pattern shots about 8-12 ft. Weighs 28 grams.

Sabre contains a unique formula of CS Military Tear Gas, Red Pepper, and an ultra violet dye for suspect identification. CS Military Tear Gas is an irritant which causes a severe burning sensation in the eyes, tearing, coughing and difficulty in breathing. CS Military Tear Gas is so effective that it was chosen in 1959, and still is today, the number one riot control agent of the US Armed Forces! Sabre's CS Tear Gas and Red Pepper concentration is the strongest allowed by law.


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