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Steve Sokol's Super Abs Workout DVD

Steve Sokol's Super Abs Workout DVD



Super Abs DVD


Steve Sokol is the “Original World’s Fittest Man,” (Guinness Book of World Records). The holder of over 30 world fitness records including 52,003 sit-ups in 32 hrs – 17 min., 30,000 jumping jacks in 7 ? hrs, 13,013 leg lifts in 5 hours – 45 min., 1000 sit-ups with a 45 lb pound weight on chest in 39 min., 5,428 crunches in an hour on his 47th birthday. Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and is currently a fitness consultant and Director for two West Coast health clubs.
Learn abs from the guy who has performed more abdominal exercise than anyone in the history of the world. Learn the muscles and their functions. Learn why the core of your body is probably the most important part of your body to keep strong. Myths and truths about abdominal training. How to lose body fat. How to gain muscle mass. Learn how to perform basic exercises properly and efficiently so as not to waist time and hurt the body. Includes basic abdominal workout.


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